Pacific - Rubita Romper
Pacific - Rubita Romper
Pacific - Rubita Romper

Pacific - Rubita Romper

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Dark and deep like a storming sea, we brought you Pacific. A versatile piece that compliments and wonderfully pairs with many palettes. Wear your new dance ensemble and take the world by storm.

Details:  deep blue
Stretch:   moderate stretch
Warmth: 🔥🔥
Content:  polyester

The RubiaWear Rubita Romper is a stylish piece of dance wear created to keep the body warm.  The elastic in the legs allows the wearer to adjust where the hem lies, enabling a view of the full leg line.  This romper is the perfect thing for stretching, dancing, or simply romping out.  

Wear alone or compliment with a belt.  Wear it up or folded down.  Fitted or baggy.  Any way you choose, you can't go wrong!  

Model is wearing size S