Our Commitment

We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we do pledge to evolve and grow, with you. To do the best that we can do, right now. With a focus on circular design, innovative fabric and washing techniques, we are committed to making a difference to the fashion industry, so that your style does not cost the earth.

Making clothes will always have an impact on the environment.

Since we launched in 2017, we've strived to work in the most responsible way that a business of our size and resource can.

Behind the scenes we are teaming up with some remarkable people and organizations to make this possible. We look forward to updating you on our progress.


Driven by a circular economy model, we recycle, re-use and repeat. We strive to create from fabrics that already exist, to reduce the need to create something ‘new’.

We work closely with our suppliers to try and be an environmentally friendly as possible. We chose up cycled fabrics destined to the fashion industry dead stock fabrics in order to optimize resources. What's dead stock? Dead stock is vintage, excess or discontinued fabric that is left over and hasn’t sold.

Instead of polluting the land, the material is recycled in a fashion product.

RubiaWear utilizes every inch of fabric. This sometimes even inspires creating a new product. Beyond that, we find local organizations to donate the scraps.

Left over fabric will be used as a filler alternative such as for dog beds or relocated to preschools as a waste-less alternative for crafts.


RubiaWear is an American brand that supports innovative and sustainable American manufacturing by producing its collections solely in the USA. Our clothes are carefully crafted in sewing ateliers, ensuring high-end finishes as well as perfect quality.

We collaborate with family ateliers that offer fair wages and good working conditions. Our partners are regularly visited and we know all the seamstresses who design the pieces of our collections. Every member has now become part of our second family.


We reinvented the way we package and ship our clothing in 2022! We use roll packing and other sustainable methods to reduce plastic and paper waste.

Clothing packaging is traditionally made from harmful, single-use plastics that take hundreds of years to decompose in the landfill, but we’ve figured out several Earth-friendly alternatives

Our shipping satchels are made from recyclable materials and have been in use for over 5 years. To avoid single use items, all of our packaging is made for secondary use and no need for more tape!

To eliminate polybags and overall waste, RubiaWear came up with the roll-pack method to eliminate polybags—our number one plastic-reducing solution!

We believe that living wages, safe workplaces, and educational opportunities go further.

We’re also committed to eliminating the waste that is usually created when making clothes. Right now, we’re trying out new ways of upcyling fabric off cuts into accessories.

But we also know that behind every item of clothing are the human hands that make them, and so being able to trust that the factories RubiaWear works with treat their workers fairly is crucial. All of those producing clothes and accessories for us are fully audited to ensure they meet our high standards when it comes to Health and Safety, Environment, Business Ethics and Labour Standards.


Our office also went green by adopting environmentally friendly policies.

Here are our ways:

We are keeping things digital whenever possibleWe are printing using eco-friendly paper, and asking vendors to offer e-statements and invoicesWe learned how to recycle right!We are relying more on natural light when possible which also saves energy. I mean, have you seen our windows yet?

Our small team of women are constantly challenging themselves in how we can do better so stay tuned for more sustainability updates!