Merry - Leg Warmer
Merry - Leg Warmer
Merry - Leg Warmer

Merry - Leg Warmer

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Size chart

Color: Burgundy

Stretch:  ample width, moderate vertical 
Thickness: ●●●○

Content: 88% Poly / 8% Ray / 4 % Span

Made in: USA


Our Full-Leg warmer is designed with a straight leg fit.  This long leg warmer hugs the upper leg and has a relaxed fit around the ankle and foot.  The relaxed straight leg fit provides a flattering line without getting in the way of movement.  In addition, this comfortable design makes it easy to fold up or down giving you a variety of looks for getting and staying warm.

The Shorty Legwarmer is designed like the Full-Leg version with its straight leg fit.  They are made to hug just above the knee and fall to around the ankle and foot. 

Our legwarmers are available in:  Adult Full-Leg: XS, S, M, L and Shorty: S, M.  Kids sizes include: Rubita & MINI.  More sizing information here.