Serving and Supporting our diverse community

Serving and Supporting our diverse community
We stand with you in the peaceful fight toward true racial equity.  The world is a beautiful place when we all take care of it AND each other.  

RubiaWear is a company that takes pride in supporting and including individuals and groups from ALL ethnic and racial backgrounds, this includes without a doubt the beautiful and resilient black community!  

In light of the struggles that our nation is currently facing with it's long history of racial inequality we at RubiaWear are looking inward, as so many are right now, to see what we can learn and do to improve on who we are as individuals and within our community.  We have always supported and included dancers of all colors and will be adamant about continuing to do so.  

The painful events that we've all had to face hurt us profoundly and we took some time to search for the words we wanted to use to express our feelings on the current situation. While letting these emotions settle we reached out to some of our friends, colleagues, and beautiful people that we've collaborated with in the past to share some of their feelings and thoughts on togetherness and what positive light we might be able to shine on this difficult time.  Please continue below to read their words. 

In addition, to show our support it is our pleasure to be donating 25% of all proceeds from June 5 through the 15th to these organizations:  

IABD - Emergency Fund

BBBS - Big Brothers Big Sisters

**If you'd like to make contributions as well to these organizations please click the link(s) above!

The IABD is currently assisting dancers of color who are in need due to the current pandemic.  As an organization their mission is to "preserve and promote dance by people of African ancestry or origin, and assist and increase opportunities for artists in advocacy, audience development, education, funding, networking, performance, philosophical dialogue, and touring" 

BBBS has a mentoring program that "pairs African-American Littles with African-American Bigs who will support them and help them see they can achieve anything they want to in life".  Mentoring is such a fantastic way to offer positive influence and guidance to our youth, and positively shape tomorrows leaders.  

We are committed to serving and supporting our diverse community, in and outside of dance.  

#blacklivesmatter  #alllivesmatter  #togetherness 



"Take time to check on up on your friends and loved ones. Dealing with the pandemic was difficult enough, but then waking up everyday hearing about innocent people being killed because of the color of their skin is overwhelming and freighting. While the news can be overwhelming, over the last few days I’ve found comfort in seeing so many allies and supporters of the blm movement via social media. I’ve also found an escape in movement and dance classes. Being able to put on my pointe shoes and do a virtual class had oddly given me a sense of normalcy. It’s important to find things that bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time. It’s also ok to escape social media every now and then and take time for yourself."  




"The world feels like it's crumbling before our eyes. Too many people it feels sudden and jarring, unexpected and scary. But a structure doesn't just collapse. For centuries we have turned a blind eye to the small cracks of systemic racism and injustice forming on an already poorly built structure - our society - and all it took was one more blow for it all to come towering down. But when a structure collapses, the only thing we can do is rebuild it. Today, tomorrow and for every day to come we are crying for unity. We have to come together to start over and rebuild a world where everyone is seen as an equal regardless of the color of their skin. We are born as infants with no concept of judgement, hatred, or racial bias. We have to join hands to help those of us who are struggling to unlearn the hatred and bigotry that they have been taught. We are born as equals. We must live as equals. Reach out to your friends of color - hear us. Really listen and then ask how you can help us in this fight. Togetherness is the only way to survive. Together we can build a more peaceful world for all of us to live in."

-Chyrstyn Fentroy



"I was raised by my parents to respect everyone as an equal, no matter where someone comes from or what someone looks like. You judge people for their actions not on their race. My mother and father walked for/with Martin Luther King Jr in the freedom marches, and even had lunch with him when my Dad was a teenager 70+ years ago. It is absolutely terrible/heartbreaking to see how things have NOT changed since then. I am scared, hopeful, sad, angry, done. Everyone deserves respect. I’m sure everyone person that is different or of color has felt racism and or mistreatment!

I grew up dealing with racism, no matter how hard my parents tried to protect me. I have so many stories from childhood to now, even ballet stories of racism. This has to end! Why does my pigment make me less intelligent, less important, ugly, not deserving of equality and respect, and all these other derogatory discriminations people of color face in this world.

We will all continue to demand our respect and equality! I stand with my loved ones, friends, and family to say #alllivesmatter #blacklivesmatter and #equality for all."

-Desean Taber



"My heart is aching. Racism is real and throughout my life, my family and I have experienced it. I stand up against this injustice and pray for people’s hearts to change. I hope that people really listen, take this time to examine themselves, and really believe what they are posting and rallying for. s not let this all be in vain and really make a change towards equality."

-Lia Cirio



"So many people before us fault for equal human rights.  Although we are nowhere near being finished, thank you to all who have been donating and protesting as well as spreading the word.  Enough is enough and now is the time to rise up and put an end to this racism."

 -Dani Durrett


"With all of these hard times and rising chaos that is going on in the world I ask that you pay attention and listen. These riots and retaliations are not just because of the unfortunate incident with George Floyd, but because this way of living has gone on for too long. Generations upon generations are frustrated and tried of being oppressed and want to be heard and see change. This police brutality against black people in America NEEDS to end. The Black Lives Matter movement is more than just a hashtag. Please educate yourself on the things that schools and history books have failed to teach you before. Do more than just post on social media even though that does spread awareness, donate to organizations that help the movement move forward and use your voice. DO NOT stay silent.

Be aware of your actions, words and the effectiveness that they can have on people. We have to wake people up from this American Dream that only benefits one group of people. But whatever you do to partake in the movement please stay safe. Helps us make change that we desperately need. America should not and cannot be this way any longer. Stand with us!"




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