Keeping us apart will only bring us together

Keeping us apart will only bring us together


A note in March 2020.

During these times of uncertainty, we need to remind ourselves that there is still love and joy all around us. Just like the jitters we get before a performance or even the frustration we feel during practice, we still preserve for the sake of art. No matter what type of dance you participate in or are passionate about, it is one of many art forms that lift spirits up while also reminding us of the many wonderful results that can happen with sheer determination. 

We at RubiaWear understand all of this, and want to thank you for staying connected with us during these unprecedented times. While we don't have a crystal ball to predict how things will turn out, we do know that everyone has the inner strength to persevere, just like during practice and controlling our emotions to be our best selves on performance day. Just like you, our company will be doing our best to continue onward with positivity.  As always we will strive to support you in discovering your own unique and most confident self, to be the best dancer you can be. 
Keep on dancing with the biggest smile on your face, keep being you. <3 
Much love,
Ashley and the entire RubiaWear team
photos by Mark James Dunn 

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